Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Energy Freedom Challenge

In 2006, the nation races toward clean energy.

The Energy Freedom Challenge is a national race run by cities, each competing to achieve a state of energy independence. The winning city will obtain more than 50 percent of its electricity needs from clean, renewable, domestically-produced resources such as wind, solar and bioenergy, and claim the coveted title of "Clean Energy Capital of the U.S."

This Challenge is a long-term vision for positive change. The efforts to bring about this change will easily stretch into the next decade and most likely beyond, especially for large cities with heavy energy demands. Collaborative partnerships of concerned citizens, city governments, local business and energy providers – in communities across the nation – will be working for the better part of our lifetimes to transform their cities into the clean energy communities of the future.

The Energy Freedom Challenge was initiated by a partnership between the Texas advocacy group Solar Austin and the nationally recognized Union of Concerned Scientists. Initial funding for the challenge was provided by the U.S. Department of Energy.

Public education about clean energy will be the key to its acceptance, adoption and proliferation. Toward this end, this web site will serve to help administer the Challenge, act as a national clearinghouse for renewable energy methodology and achievements realized by participating cities, and encourage communities to go further and faster toward the goal of energy independence. Learn more.

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