Thursday, December 15, 2005


Engineering A Sustainable World
Design Process and Engineering Innovations for the Center for Health and Healing at Oregon Health & Science University, River Campus
by Interface Engineering, Inc.

Busting a key economic myth, a leading Portland building engineering firm has published an illustrated guide to achieving a top-rated green building on a conventional budget. Interface Engineering Inc.'s 48-page book "Engineering a Sustainable World" shares the principles and secrets behind its engineering of the "Center for Health and Healing" at the new River Campus of Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU). The book is available at no charge from THIS LINK.
Follow it to the bottom of the page and click on the BOOK REQUEST LINK

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Houston EVENTS

+ Last chance to see:
White Webb: Eminent Domain +

10 November – 11 December 2005 @ the rice gallery
Excerpt from brochure:
In man’s desire to study nature, there often seems to be a need to
bring it indoors and own it. Materialism has always been a factor in
art and nature. By creating prints of the world’s specimens, early
artists made nature understandable for some and controllable for
others. The wealthy patrons who commissioned this art had cabinets
of curiosities filled with natural objects – objects they owned. Our
installation begs the question – between man and nature, who truly
has eminent domain?

Gallery Hours
Tuesday - Saturday 11 - 5
Thursday 11 - 7
Sunday 12 - 5
Closed Mondays and university holidays.

+++ U R B A N G R E E N +++
The 2005 Winter Cocktail Soiree
Thursday, December 8, 2005, from 7 to 9pm

The Jones Reflection Pool in Hermann Park
Featuring music by the Gospel Melody Makers

UH Mock Up Progress

November 2005

Mock ups are thriving ...Monarchs arrived...we'll see what winter brings.

+ see a section of the mockup here.
+ view more pics of plants and mock up here

Fanny Mae offers energy efficient Mortgages

Increase Borrowers' Buying Power
Energy Efficient
The Energy Efficient Mortgage (EEM) option is offered through the Housing and Environment Initiative, which promotes the design, construction, and purchase of more energy- and resource-efficient homes or the retrofit of existing homes to be more efficient.
+Lender Benefits
Serve more borrowers
Combine with most Fannie Mae products (1-unit, owner-occupied)
Energy improvements can be financed
+Consumer Benefits
Energy savings can increase borrowers' qualifying ratios
For purchase or refinance
Up to 100% LTV
Energy efficiency may help the borrower achieve lower monthly operating expenses
EEM Highlights
• Recognize energy savings as qualifying income
• Allows energy improvements to be financed
• Increase home-buying power
• Lower energy costs and household expenses
• Serve more borrowers — all incomes eligible
• Flexible and affordable finance options
• Increase home value
• Help improve air quality and create a more comfortable living environment
To see the EEM at a glance sheet click here

For more information about Fannie Mae’s Energy Efficient Mortgage visit the Housing and Environment Initiative page on

Greenroof for doggy

This “green” doghouse features a vegetated roof, a photovoltaic solar panel,daylighting, and recycledbuilding materials, and fetched $525 during the “Animal House 2005,” fundraiser.
This pooch palace, a.k.a the “Dog Box” by its creators at Frank Harmon Architect, Raleigh, demonstrates that the principles of green, or sustainable, architecture can be applied to any built structure—even if the inhabitant is of the four-footed variety.
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