Friday, April 14, 2006

Find Solar

This is a FREE service matching you to pre-screened Solar Pros.

They have a "My Solar Estimator" Where you enter basic information about your home or building and your current energy usage.
They will provide you with information to help you determine if solar electric, solar pool/spa, water or space heating/cooling systems are right for you, what the costs might be to install a system, and what benefits you may realize.

Also, "Find A Local Solar Pro" option They will provide you with a list of Solar Professionals that can service your needs.
For each Solar Pro, you can review their company profile and read customer reviews and ratings. You can then contact these Solar Pro's yourself, or if you prefer, they will immediately contact the Solar Pro's that you select. They do this by sending them an email asking them to contact you.

To find Original Equipment Makers (OEM's) - click "Find a Solar Pro", then use "Find an Equipment Manufacturer or Distributor". We link each OEM to the Solar Pros they supply with products. So, if you have a particular brand of equipment you are interest in, search for that OEM (brand), then click the link on the OEM's profile to "View a list of Solar Pros using products or services from ...."

View a list of Solar Professionals for Harris County, Texas that came up when I used this research tool.

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