Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pretty Cool- Oil-Cleaning Robot Army

If only BP had been prepared... or everyone for that matter. Well it seems that the BP oil disaster has caused others to become better prepared for such tragedies and possible future problems with our oil dependence.

Check out this robot created by by MIT's Sensable City Lab.
Check out the video of the "seaswarm" bot.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Tip of the Week: Plant some fresh air

Thought I would start posting weekly... as we've slacked a little on our blog.
Hope to keep this habit which would be good... and hoping that posting about other good habits would help all around. ENJOY!


Instead of buying an air purifier, try a bamboo palm, peace lily or English ivy in stead. These plants act as natural air filters in a room, removing up to 87% of VOC's (volitile organic compounds).

Going Vertical

via Treehugger

Jargon Watch: Vertical Gardens vs Vertical Farms vs Living Walls vs Green Fa├žades
"..vertical farms, designed for food production, were a very different thing from living walls, which I thought Alex incorrectly called a vertical garden. But he is not alone; we did it in Madrid Gets a Vertical Garden Too and Ugly Cooling Tower Gets Vertical Garden Makeover in Spain. (Interestingly, all Spanish projects) ".

Randy Sharp explains in Azure:
"Green walls come in two main varieties, ac­cord­ing to Vancouver landscape architect Randy Sharp. His firm, Sharp & Diamond, designed the Vancouver Aquarium's 50-square-metre green wall of polypropylene modules filled with wildflowers, ferns and ground covers. A leading expert on "vegetated building envelope systems," Sharp divides these installations into green facades, where a structure fastened to the wall provides a trellis for vines and climbers planted in the ground or in containers; and the newer living walls, where a modular grid of wall pan­els - complete with live plants, a conventional soil or layered-felt growing medium, an irrigation and nutrient-delivery system, and a support structure - is attached to the building."...

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Friday, May 07, 2010

Workshop Opportunity at Rice Gallery

No Experience Required!
$75 gets you materials, parking and refreshments.
Contact Anna Foret : or 713.348.5770

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Easy Green Wall Project

Thought this was pretty neat and simple. We've had several posts on the aesthetics and benefits of green walls before... Seemed like this product fit right in to this topic.

Check out this short video on the use of woolypocket to quickly add a green wall to your living space.

Woolly Pocket from Woolly Pocket on Vimeo.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010


Be sure to watch Discovery Channel's upcoming LIFE series, premier on Sunday, March 21st, 8PM e/p.

If you haven't watched their previous series -PLANET EARTH- you should. It's truely AMAZING!

(from the press release) "The earth is home to more than 30 million different animals and plants – every single one in its own fight for survival.From the makers of PLANET EARTH and narrated by global media leader and philanthropist Oprah Winfrey, the epic television series LIFE is the definitive exploration of our planet’s living things and their spectacular, bizarre and fascinating behaviors. A BBC and Discovery Channel co-production, the 11-part natural history series airs on Discovery Channel on Sundays from March 21 through April 18, 2010, with two episodes at 8-10PM ET/PT each night, and The Making of LIFE at 10PM on April 18."

Watch the Trailer

Friday, February 19, 2010


President Obama's recent endorsement of nuclear produced a lot of concern for me....What are your thoughts?
I agree with the following: (be sure to check out the full post)

via Grist
" The lesser of two evils?

When it comes to the question, “Which is better—nuclear or coal?”, the answer really just is “neither.” It’s a false dichotomy that lends legitimacy to a false scenario in which we as a region, country, or world are forced to chose coal or nukes and have no access to developing other energy sources. It is a worst-case, stuck-in-the-corner, fake match-up. On a daily individual level, most people have little choice as to which power source we support with our monthly electric bill. If we do have choices, we should first buy renewable energy or even hydroelectric power. (Find out if you have alternative choices by searching EERE’s Green Power map.) Nuclear and coal are not our only two options; let’s not
pretend that they are."

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Freeway transformed into a river


"In Seoul, South Korea city planners paved right over a natural stream to put in a road. It stayed that way for decades, becoming a freeway and adding to the traffic congestion in the burgeoning metropolis. But Fast Company reports that recently, city officials decided to return the road to its natural roots. Here's FC's video of how, and why, they transformed the freeway back into a stream."

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Green Tip: e-cycling

Best Buy e-cycles!
They'll accept almost any electronic gadget, working or broken, no matter who made it, at any of their stores.

From their site- "You can bring in up to two items a day, per household, and most things are absolutely free. However, there is a $10 charge for TVs 32" and under, CRTs, monitors and laptops — but we'll give you a $10 Best Buy gift card to offset that cost. It's just a little e-incarnation appreciation."

Read More about their e-cycle program.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Food for Throught

via blog

"Back in 2007, everyone was talking about the "pain at the pump." But did that change what people drive? This infographic by Chris Svetlik looks at whether high gas prices get people to buy more fuel efficient cars."