Sunday, August 06, 2006


RDA will hold the second part of the three series civic forum on Public Realm: The Built Environment, on Wednesday, August 9, at 7PM, at the Brown Auditorium of the MFAH, located at 1001 Bissonnet (enter via the Main Street Door).
Admission is free and open to the public!

The public realm is a constantly shifting concept that once included fields and rivers, wildlife and plants. Today we think of it mostly in terms of the built places and networks in which we conduct our daily lives, hopefully in safety, with convenience, and with some comfort. Its influence on our quality of life is enormous, and because it is public, it is the place where individuals and communities can have the greatest affect on the quality of life.

Part 1: The Big Picture
Wednesday, July 12

Part 2: The Built Environment
Wednesday, August 9

Part 3: Public Spaces, Urban Places
Wednesday, September 6

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