Monday, October 23, 2006

Path Concept Homes

"On October 18, 2006, HUD Assistant Secretary Darlene Williams, Regional HUD Director Macie Houston, Omaha Mayor Mike Fahey, and Builder Fernando Pages broke ground for the first PATH Concept Home and unveiled revised plans for a 2,000 square foot vernacular farm house."

The Concept Home uses innovative building technologies to enhance a home's flexibility and make it more efficient to build and maintain.

Six principles create the foundation for incorporating innovative systems into the Concept Home. PATH has prepared a series of reports which explore technologies and systems that support each principle.

Principle #1: Flexible Floor Plans

Principle #2: Organized and Accessible Systems

Principle #3:Concept Home Principles - Improved Production Processes

Principle #4: Alternative Basic Materials

Principle #5: Standardization of Measurements and Component Interfaces

Principle #6: Integrated Functions

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