Wednesday, February 07, 2007

More Green Walls

A while back (sept'06) I posted about some vertical plantings. I find them fascinating. Aesthetically beautiful and a great solution to introducing nature to interiors.
Here's more:
Vertical Gardens by Patrick LeBlanc
These walls are composed of 3 parts: a metal frame, a PVC layer and a layer of felt.

The metal frame is self standing or can be hung on a wall. a 1cm thick PVC layer is riveted onto this frame to provide stability and serve as a waterproof the rotproof felt is stapled to the PVC. This layer provides an even distribution of the water and is where the plants take root.

Read more on his site by clicking detailed presentation.

Another company is ELT Easy Green. Based out of Canada, they sell living wall kits, panels and accessories. They boast a modular living wall panel that can be either pre-Grown or planted in place. Their panels are made of UV resistant 100% Recyclable black HDPE (High Density Polyethylene). Panels are designed to be irrigated from the top using either a simple soaker hose (exterior applications) or a drip tray system (included with the indoor kits).

Read more on their site.

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