Thursday, March 22, 2007

Harvesting Wind Power on Your Balcony

Motorwind Turbines can work in wind speeds of only 2m/second. Their light weight, small size, and flexible configuration allows them to be installedin both urban and rural environments, for individual or corporate use.

You can buy 8 micro turbines with generator for $150. Daily production: 1.2 kWh. Output= 12 to 100 volts non-regulated.

According to the site:

Motorwind can not and must not be interconnected to the main grid .The electricity production is only for home usage and does not have the regulators neccessary to make the Motorwind and grid frequencies compatible .

You do not have to get approval from power company to use Motorwind .

You can share the power produced with other homes if you wish only by using your own electric cables .

In 2008/2009 a version that can be inter-connected to the grid will be released .

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