Thursday, October 04, 2007

VOTE NO! to change of Zoning

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This online petition is in regard to the Galveston City Council's vote to change the Zoning of approximately 1,100 acres of Beach to Bay property, potentially, the largest developed tract on the Texas Gulf Coast from single family to recreational.

If the change of zoning is approved for the Marquette development, ironically called "The Preserve", it will mean the developers will circumvent the process of the city's planning department and have an open ticket to do what they want with the property without the City's oversight.

A bevy of attorneys are working on a development agreement that should 'iron out' all the inconviences for the city and 'hold the developer's feet to the fire', but the truth is the City of Galveston is giving up a huge chunk of their little remaining opening space to a group that has
never developed south of Chicago and thinks the planning process is too contentious and will drag things out.

Please sign the online petition and forward to others that are opposed to changing from single-family zoning to recreational zoning by going online:


Reasons for Voting “No” to Recreational Zoning regarding Marquette Dev.

* If city council allows re-zoning, citizens of Galveston will NOT have the ability to preserve and maintain the quality of life within their single-family neighborhoods

* Family residences could be living next door to retail businesses of unknown origin

* The island and the type of lifestyle we have become accustomed to could be completely controlled by developers with no way for citizens to have a choice in the type of community in which they want to live – except to move to the mainland

* Recreational zoning does NOT require the city’s approval regarding future development projects

* A very dangerous precedent will be in place that could affect the whole island if recreational zoning is allowed

* If the largest parcel of land to be developed on the island can be zoned for recreational use, it is a strong possibility that city council could approve recreational zoning for other parts of the island as well

That is why VOTING NO for Recreational Zoning by our City Council is Crucial!!!

Our government is based on citizens’ input. We elect leaders to protect and serve with our best interests in mind. Constituents’ welfare is being denied if City Council votes for changing a single-family zoning area to recreational zoning in order to accommodate Marquette Development.

* Beach to bay preserve

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