Friday, October 16, 2009


World's largest, 781.5 megawatt wind farm, located in West Texas USA.
Ranchers in west Texas are resorting to leasing their land to energy companies to "break even". To some though, "selling out" causes upset.

Personally, I love the idea that wind farms can revitalize a community and help maintain an old mainstay industry and culture of ranching and cowboys. The wild west is staying wild by accepting something modern.
On the other hand it definitely does change the landscape a bit. Thoughts?

Read more about the "Starbucks Rule" for siting wind farms.

-via Treehugger

Business Week-
"Turns out there's something called the Starbucks Rule when it comes to siting wind farms. He said Suzlon and its rivals plot where Starbucks are in the general area and then make sure their project is at least 30 miles away. Any closer and there'd be too many NIMBYs (not in my backyarders) who'd object to having their views spoiled by a cluster of 265-foot-tall wind towers."

Video credit:Sunday Morning Show


Algosome said...

They already changed the landscape by chasing off the native Americans, bringing in cattle and putting up fences, even before all the oil wells were brought in. 50 or 100 years from now they'll be complaining how some successor technology. If they really understood what conservatism means, they'd be signing conservation easements on their ranchlands, replacing their cattle by bison (steaks for $13/pound at HEB Market!), and complaining how the wind farms disrupt the thermal updrafts used by hawks and vultures that are an equal part of the scenery there.

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