Friday, February 19, 2010


President Obama's recent endorsement of nuclear produced a lot of concern for me....What are your thoughts?
I agree with the following: (be sure to check out the full post)

via Grist
" The lesser of two evils?

When it comes to the question, “Which is better—nuclear or coal?”, the answer really just is “neither.” It’s a false dichotomy that lends legitimacy to a false scenario in which we as a region, country, or world are forced to chose coal or nukes and have no access to developing other energy sources. It is a worst-case, stuck-in-the-corner, fake match-up. On a daily individual level, most people have little choice as to which power source we support with our monthly electric bill. If we do have choices, we should first buy renewable energy or even hydroelectric power. (Find out if you have alternative choices by searching EERE’s Green Power map.) Nuclear and coal are not our only two options; let’s not
pretend that they are."

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