Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Who owns ethanol?

While most of us are excited that the debate on America's energy future has finally taken a serious turn towards alternative sources of fuel, like ethanol, some may never be happy enough.

An interesting proposal by Sen. Hillary Clinton to achieve energy independence though shifts towards ethanol was met with a divisive tone by Sen. Charles Grassley from Iowa.

Grassley stated, "I say to Senator Clinton, 'welcome to the club.' We'll be happy to update her on the pro-ethanol laws we've enacted without her vote. If Senator Clinton is a born-again ethanol supporter, let's hope she has the zeal of a convert as she begins promoting ethanol and other renewable fuels."

Sour grapes perhaps? Let's worry about saving the country first before we bicker about pride of ownership. How about that, Senator Grassley?

(via Hotlineblog)

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