Friday, June 09, 2006

Climate Change and Energy Problems "Not Hypothetical Issues for the Future"

I just came back from watching "An Inconvenient Truth". SCARY and a MUST SEE!
When i got back home there was this t.v. program on called THE GREAT WARMING by Stonehaven productions.

(click play button to view 2min. promo for show)

Of course it went over several issues affecting global warming, but it also showcased several people and their advances to fight the harmful causes to this SCARY condition.

Amongst them, which i found very interesting and quite innovative, was a Klauss Lackner,a physicist with the Earth Institute. He is developing a prototype machine that would remove carbon dioxide directly from the air. Basically it would act as a synthetic tree.

Read more on this new machine via the Earth Institues Report.

Also, BLDGBLOG did a post on this back in November of 2005.

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