Thursday, June 08, 2006


Some quick facts:
• 137 million American’s use search engines to find information
• 30 percent or more of the traffic on some newspaper, magazine or television news Web sites is driven by search engines
• 99.9 million people get their news online

Google trends lays out these searches in a graph format and will tell you the popluartiy of a search in relation to another search. Not only that but what cities/state/countries search the most for these items.

I was curious to find out the poplularty of the environment, architecture and pollution. This is what i found:
According to the graph, the search volume for architecture and the environment closely follow eachother. One can probably guess from this that when people search for environmental issues it usually has to do with architecture...fellow architects? builders?
Yet it this does not seem to lead them to also search about pollution. Seems to me that environment and pollution go together...=architects / builders not interested in pollution.

The news volume graph shows the popularity of the topics reported on by the news. Here the environment ranks highest and pollution and architecture much lower .... = news not that interested in architecture...but it seems that people least those on the internet anyways.

This bar graph shows something interesting as well.... seems that Banglor, India is super interested in architecture while not so much in pollution.(what's going on in India? Will research more.) Everyone accross the board seems to be pretty disinterested in pollution. Melbourne, Australia, while being towards the bottom of the trends, is the only city interested more in the environment than architecture.

Want to see what this looks like for U.S. cities in 2006?

Have you seen "Inconvenient Truth"? YOU MUST.

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lu said...

i was just thinking about my post and india...
Two probabilities I thought of:
1)looking for housing due to the floodings in Mumbai... or
2)more likely...TECHNICAL/Computer software architecture. Oh well...