Tuesday, April 17, 2007

More News from Charles Tapley

On the UH green roof progress:
"...What a team we have! While Bellows was running the show yesterday assembling the metal edges and down hill grates for the beds, today it was all Decherd(sp).
They flashed-in the metal frames, waved me on up the ladder, and then asked if I wanted to see what else they had brought....What they showed me was a delivery of "trays," the cups that receive water below the filter and the growing medium, and bundles of erosion protection fabric through which
the plants will be planted...."

Monday- "Green Roof, full of promise; a meeting is promised with Bellows, Decker, and
myself to talk about the next steps in the evolution of the roof, namely, delivery and installation of the growing media. ...Right now, with the contractors eager to finish and say goodbye, it is becoming our job to inform the College and the University that some big components of having and taking advantage of having a Green Roof are yet to come; managing the roof, recording conditions on the roof and with the plants, planning research projects, planning for seasonal variations, developing academic programs to better knit the roof (and thus the Zone) to the College, creating programs to bring other institutions in to joint venture some of the programs, and visitors and foundations to become better informed about the asset and it's need to be supported.
A lot to rejoice about, a lot to do, and a lot to think about. "

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