Thursday, August 23, 2007

Galveston Texas: In harms Way?

MSNBC Nightly news Aug. 20:
"With low elevation, high erosion and just one way off the island, Galveston, Texas, is vulnerable to big storms, and yet it is among the nation's hottest real estate markets for vacation homes."

An "interesting" quote from Mayor Lyda Ann Thomas, referring to building on the eroding beaches and bays on Galveston Island:

"They understand the risks and they build very expensive houses here and they're well insured. The people, that's the way they want it, and we're happy to help them get it."

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newnorth said...

Galveston is a scary city to drive into when a tropical storm (or depression not sure what it was) is coming through. There was a voluntary evacuation in effect and I felt like we were gonna drive off a broke bridge into the gulf :p