Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Slow Home

Neat Idea. (watch video)
Created as an alternative to instant neighborhoods and cookie cutter homes,
Slow Home derrived its name from the Slow Food movement and encourages to become involved in improving our lives and taking control of the places in which we live.

From their site:
"These big businesses build for profit instead of people. The result is a standardized cookie cutter world that is boring, wasteful and, all too often, just plain ugly. We have become a land of home buyers instead of home makers and we find ourselves trapped in a situation that seems to have no escape. Marketing images promise us a place that will meet our broader emotional and social expectations of home. The reality, however, is only a shallow version of the original sales pitch. This dissatisfaction breeds desire and before too long we are once again trying to quench our deep yearning for a real home with the purchase of yet another, albeit larger and fancier, commodified house.

See also their interviews with architects and designers and their designs such as:

Kevin Angstad's Chiskey House

Evergreen Gardens by Drew Mandell

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