Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Local Green Materials website for Houston, TX

This site is brought to you by the Houston Advanced Research Center's Cultivate Green Program. The program is a demand side knowledge building and knowledge transfer program intended for the general public of the Houston area.
The basics of the system are pretty simple; there is a residential green products inventory of knowledge and a commercial/institutional component.

Some of the HOME CATEGORIES include:
Interior Finish & Trim
Caulks & Adhesives Lighting
Mechanical Systems/HVAC
Distributors & Retailers
Doors Windows Insulation
Outdoor Structures
Electrical Paints & Coatings
Exterior Finish & Trim
Flooring & Floorcoverings
Foundations, Footers & Slabs
Sitework & Landscaping
Furniture & Furnishings
Renewable Energy
Structural Systems & Components Sheathing

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