Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Another Building Green SHow

These things are getting popular. Apparently there's a market/audience for this kind of stuff. YAY!
About the show:
Producers Michael Mattioli and Kevin Contreras
of Special Finish Films, present "Building Green," the home improvement television series about creating gorgeous homes that are healthier, more energy efficient, and better for the environment. Every phase of sustainable construction is presented by host Kevin Contreras, who explores green building from all angles, sharing information and showing lots of in depth, "how-to" build greener homes. Natural home products and techniques like straw bale building are covered in detail to show the infinite ways to build a healthy house. Segments like "Saving Green" and "Easy Steps" show viewers what they can do in real world circumstances to make choices to build green.
is a guide to integrating green building products, services, and other resources into living green.

You can see an intro clip of their show HERE as well as learn more.

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