Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Renewable Energy Projects in Houston

SpawGlass Corporate Offices
Directions: From loop 610 north, take US-290 West 11 miles to the Hempstead Hwy/Northwest Fwy exit. Turn left on West Road and go about a mile to 13800.

Brief Description: The SpawGlass building on West Road is the first certified "green" commercial office building in Houston. Among other things, the building has a white roof to reflect heat, reflective glass and efficient electrical systems to cut down on energy usage. The restrooms are equipped with waterless urinals and fixtures that use limited amounts of water. Designed by the Kirksey architecture firm, SpawGlass' building has lots of glass walls to let in natural light. At $2 million, the building cost 5 - 10 % more than typical construction. The company should recover a lot of the extra cost through reduced energy bills. The SpawGlass building, which will house about 50 of its employees, was the first local building to be certified by the United States Green Building Council, a nonprofit environmental group. The council has awarded the green certification to 50 projects around the world since the rating process began in 1999. It judges buildings on everything from water and energy efficiency to indoor air quality.
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5307 Valerie Street
Bellaire, Texas.

Directions: From the Galleria take 610 south to the Evergreen exit, go west on Evergreen. Take a left on Chimney Rock. Go right on Valerie Street

Brief description: Large urban home with Solar Electric, Solar Hot Water, Solar Pool Heater, Geothermal Heating and Cooling , Passive solar features and energy efficiency.

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