Friday, April 28, 2006

Ford Partners with TerraPass for Consumer Carbon Offsets

[Via Green Car Congress]
Ford Motor Company and TerraPass (earlier post) have a joined in a partnership to market TerraPass-branded carbon offsets to all drivers of Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury cars and trucks.

Under the joint marketing program, to be called Greener Miles, Ford dealers will be given brochures on TerraPass and directed to the website from several Ford product sites. Ford said it has no plans to run a broad-based advertising campaign for the initiative.

TerraPass allows car owners to purchase a TerraPass from the company. The company then pools the money and invests in renewable energy projects—especially projects that might not have made it through an initial capital-intensive startup phase. In return, buyers receive a sticker for the windshield verifying the offset.

The company offers four levels of Terrapass based on the amount of CO2 emitted by the vehicle.

TerraPass Levels
Level Carbon - offset (pounds) - Annual cost
Around Towner - 6,000 - $29.95
Cross Towner - 8,000 - $39.95
Out of Towner - 12,000 - $49.95
Road Tripper - 20,000 - $49.95

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