Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Walk the Walk

Green Magazines
Green is now also a fashion statement.

Vanity Fairs "Special GREEN" April Issue is out...My husband brought it home for me as a gift from CVS. I've also read that the May issue of Elle magazine will be devoted to environmentally friendly health, beauty and fashion. [via Treehugger.com]

People are sceptical of Elle magazine’s attempt at going green by using 10% recycled content in their up coming green issue, many were were hoping Vanity Fair would improve on this percentage. Unfortunately not, according to Remy Chevalier of Cocktail Organico who picked up this news on Muckraked. ‘Vanity Fair has dropped the idea of using recycled paper in the issue. "They were scrambling to do it but it was too short a time frame and they couldn't make it happen," says one insider.

A single issue involves the destruction of thousands of trees and it's printed using chlorine and other chemicals. The Vanity Fair "green" issue probably used up to 2,247 tons of pulp, and produced up to 4,331,757 pounds of greenhouse gases,13,413,922 gallons of wastewater, and 1,744,060 pounds of solid waste throughout the printing process.

An online article from this issue perhaps worth checking out Fifty Ways to Help Save the Planet

That being said, and to quote George Clooney in this same "Green" issue: "You can't just talk the talk. You gotta walk the walk."

If you feel strongly about this topic, send Vanity Fair an email with your thoughts: letters@vf.com

Lets see what Elle comes up with this coming May.

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